Quilter’s Trek is Available NOW

For those of you that enjoyed collecting Row by Row blocks and visiting different quilt stores while traveling, it’s back only with a new name.

Participating stores have designed a row again only now the themes will be a color, which is blue this year, in order to help coordinate your rows a little better. The patterns are still free if you visit the store but now the kits are available to ship. Our kit is $10 and below is our 18 inch block.

There is still a prize awarded to the first TWO (formerly one) people who bring in a completed quilt using at least 32 9- inch blocks from at least 8 participating QTrek stores. 15 Fat quarters per person. Also in the kits you will receive a Free token to collect, while supplies last.

For more information email: info@rowbyrowexperience.com.

Happy traveling!


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