New Machine News!

This week has been crazy with new things daily. Fabric, Machines, and Software. To begin, Janome was supposed to have their convention in two weeks in San Antonio, Texas. Due to the high numbers of virus in Texas they cancelled it. They were also going to introduce new machines, but that won’t happen either because they can’t get supplies for them. We do have some special Janome’s here and more coming in for their 100 Year Anniversary.

Now new Brother products have been coming in daily. We have received a new quilting software in which you can make your own designs. Doris is working on that. The new 5 X 7 magnetic hoops are here along with the newest Brother quilting machine the “BQ3100”. It’s on the floor and we are trying it out. It has so… many cool features! We also have some new Brother feet in.

New fabric daily it seems. Among the novelty fabric We Have The BEER! Several new panels, new campers by Riley Blake, Semi Trucks by QT fabrics, a new Baseball. Stop in and check out all the new things.

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