My Legacy!

For several years I have hoped my daughter would learn to love sewing as much as I do. When in Jr. High she didn’t care much for it. With in the last year or so and since she has a beautiful little girl she has developed an appreciation for sewing. She has started her own business online and does a weekly Farmer’s Market in Auburn, IN. I am so proud of her! She was inspired by her daughter and started making her hair bows and scrunchies. Now she has branched out to baby items and dog items. She recently signed up to do a jury-ed show Labor Day weekend at the large car show in Auburn where they are expecting over 100,000 people! I was especially impressed that she didn’t even have to send a sample of her works, they were impressed by her products. She designed her own logo and needed an apron for her shows, something to put her money in. I made her an apron and embroidered her logo on it. When her daughter saw it (who’s five) she needed one since she is her model and helper. So then I had to make her one! Now she thinks her dad needs something to match! (not going to happen)!

Well if your looking for a unique gift go to http://www.AHH Handmade or visit her on Facebook at AHH Handmade.

Amanda & Amelia Hoit AHH Handmade

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