Missouri Star Bus Trip Finale!

It’s time to go home. I think I can speak all of us, we were tired but not too tired to shop! We loaded the bus at 7am and headed home, only to stop at more fabric stores! First stop Bolines Fabric Warehouse in Bloomington, Illinois. Most all the fabric was 6 something a yard and batiks 8 something, with specials for us. They had lots of 108′ backings and kits. We all went crazy. One lady, not mentioning any names… spent over $600!!! She won a prize for Highest amt. spent. The staff was great and even provided us with sack lunches catered from an Italian restaurant that had homemade bread. Yum!

Then onto another store—45min. later we were in Champaign, Illinois at the “Quilting in the Valley” quilt store. A fairly new store that opened during the pandemic. Lots of great clearance bargains. And on to our last shop for this trip. Our final shop was Threads of Time Creative Sewing & Retreat Center, in Danville, Illinois. It was nursing home at one time. It was nicely decorated. They gave us a free pattern & fat quarter, along with another sack lunch just as good as the last, homemade chicken salad croissant.

We arrived back at Meijer around 7: 30 pm. Talk about shop till you drop! I think I can speak for everyone that it was a fantastic trip!! Many thanks to Pam at Cruise Adventure for all her planning. We are already planning for another trip, this time to the Paducah Quilt Show in April 2022. Start Saving! The last couple pictures are some of the creative nametags the ladies made. There were so many cute ones. The winner of the nametag was Nancy Kramer. We wanted one with a patriotic theme. It would have been too hard to pick a creative one because they all were! Sandy’s was on a SPONGE!


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