Day 2 of our Missouri Star Bus Trip

Well we woke up early Friday morning and the bus left the hotel around 7am (central time). EARLY! Headed for Hamilton Missouri, the home of Missouri Star Co. and J.C. Penny. At 10am we were sitting in the HangOut waiting for Jenny Doan. Then a tall rather thin women appeared with a microphone and I said to Doris, Who’s that? It was Jenny. She did not look like the picture in her books! She spoke for about one hour, and she is hilarious! So down to earth and genuine. Everyone was so nice. She took pictures with everyone and autographed whatever we wanted. Natalie Fisher had her hat signed. So much fun! Then they served us a delicious home cooked meal. The rest of our day was spent SHOPPING! Each store had a different themed fabric, $6.00/yd clearance fabric, and a free charm if you spent so much money. They even had a man store with leather recliners and TVs. We literally shopped until we dropped. On the way out of town we stopped and saw the largest spool of thread(with real thread)!

When we returned to Hannibal for dinner and then my friend Linda and I went through our stash to see what we bought and then to bed!

Check out my blog tomorrow to hear the REST OF THE STORY!


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