A Changing World We Live In

Who would think this virus would still be going on? I think it has changed our lives in so many ways. We have been busier than ever, which is a good thing. When we get elastic in it lasts only a day and it’s gone! We did get more in Saturday and so for today we have 10 yd cuts for $8.00 until it’s gone. The price on that changes like gas prices.

During this time we have been rearranging the store. More fabric shelves and more to come. We have moved things around until we don’t know where anything is at.

Sewing machines are scarce. My Brother rep. told me that the manufacturers are even out of machines! Amazon and Walmart also- no machines. I guess sewing is not a dying art!

Due to all the changes I am not changing our hours again for awhile. We will stay open M-F 10am-1pm and closed Saturday & Sunday. If that is not convenient for you call us and we will make arrangements. Later this summer I am planning an open house so you can see all our changes.

Until then stay safe, wear your masks, and keep in touch! We miss all your smiling faces.


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